Sunday, December 27, 2009

Playmobil Mega-Super Dr Who Set

Check it out! Yes, I am a dork...

There is some backstory to the Playmobil business: one Christmas in college, my friend Billy gave me a real Playmobil set featuring several monkeys and a veterinarian with little plastic syringes! Thus began a nuclear arms race of sorts as we both tried to find the weirdest Playmobil sets for subsequent Christmases. Great finds included a Hazmat team, a policeman and handcuffed punk, construction workers witha Port-a-John, and so on. Then I got the idea to make up my own sets -- I did a "Crazy Cat Lady" with a few real Playmobil cats and about 15 supplemental sculpey cats, a weird Playmobil calendar, and this year a take on the BBC sci fi series Doctor Who, much beloved by many of my college friends.

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