Sunday, January 31, 2010

Langdon Quin and Craig Hood

I was lucky to have some amazing artists as professors as an undergrad and in grad school. Here is work by two of them, and I'll gladly post some work by others more in the near future.

This painting by Craig Hood is, I think, one of my favorite paintings ever. Hobos, babies, parenting manuals? Hood says the piece is about love, really. The color and composition, the light and shadow, the small details and large shapes of beautiful mixed, layered paint -- I like everything about this.

Drummer Boy, another painting by Craig Hood.

Still Life with Kitchen Glove, Langdon Quin
Great painting class. Now that I am teaching a painting class, I've amassed a pretty sizeable heap of still life objects, including some distinctively colored dishwashing gloves. Whenever I put them in a still life I think of them as my Langdon gloves. If students have trouble mixing the color of them, I tell them that cerulean blue plus a lemony yellow is a good start...

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