Saturday, January 30, 2010

william kentridge and darwyn cooke

William Kentridge's "Automatic Writing" -- Watch it! Watch it! Since I've started teaching drawing, I've always used Kentridge's work to wow my students. Last semester we took a field trip to see some of his prints at the Kreeger Museum. I've loved his work since 2001, when I saw a big show of his work at the Hirshhorn, and I can't wait to see the upcoming MOMA show I read about in the New Yorker:

Another cool art thing: this weekend I went with a friend to the Smithsonian American Art Museum for a booktalk and signing by comic book artist/"storyteller" Darwyn Cooke. He recently published a graphic novel adaptation of an intense crime novel, and he drew everything by hand using ink and wash -- apparently a rarity in contemporary mainstream comics since the advent of digital technology. I always mention comic book art -- and show Kentridge's work, too -- when I teach a drawing unit on narrative art. And now I know a little more about it. My students have done some pretty cool stuff.

Darwyn Cooke, The Hunter

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