Thursday, February 11, 2010

International House of Food Packages

One thing I love about travelling abroad is going into foreign supermarkets and loving the product packaging and thinking that everything must be better and tastier because it is all new and different and, you now, just cooler! When I was a high schooler I went to Canada and saw an aero bar in a vending machine; I just had to buy it and save the wrapper since I'd never seen one before! What can I see, easy kicks. Here's a quickly assembled collection of other favorites:

1.Cola Cao. Like Ovaltine but so, so much better, maybe the second national drink of Spain after Sangria (okay, and after cava, and sherry, and that barfy stuff high schoolers drink, wine mixed with soda...). All my American friends in Spain liked this stuff. One even made brownies with it. The bright yellow and red package is pretty cool: I've superimposed an image of the current package over an old poster that shows the really, really, horrendously racist imagery of ye olde Cola Cao. 2. El Arosa tea. Egypt's Redrose equivalent, but far more exciting, because it is named for a traditional type of cute little doll, pictured on the box. 3. Russian Candy. I was excited to find a Russian grocery store near me, the candy label assortment is dizzying. But, to my palate, the candies taste as nasty as the wrappers are cool. 4. Gal. Another Spanish classic: Gal lip gloss in Art Noveau tins. 5. Weetabix. An image of a vintage Weetabix collectible, but I like the bright current packaging of the actual cereal, too. This British cereal looks and tastes like wicker furniture.

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