Sunday, April 11, 2010

In the Dollhouse

Believe It Will Happen, Bridget Sue Lambert

Keep Your Schedule Pretty Full, Bridget Sue Lambert

I love the work of DC artist Bridget Sue Lambert. Her photographs of dollhouse interiors and vignettes with figurines comment on relationships, love, loss, and memory. I recently got to meet her at her studio and see her impressive trove of dollhouse props and people. So cool!

Here's an interesting article on midcentury modern dollhouse furniture devotees.
From one of the profiled collectors:
Finally, on the dollhouse theme: when I visited the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam a few years ago, it was amazing. I thought the art was so beautiful that I almost cried. Amidst the Rembrandts, Vermeers, and other wonders is the Dolls' House of Petronella Oortman. This house (or one like it) is important in In the Image, a novel by Dara Horn that has dollhouses as a recurrent motif. I'll try to find the part of the book that describes the house (far better than I could).

From the Rijksmuseum website: "Seventeenth-century doll's houses were not children's toys, they were a hobby [among wealthy women]... This house is remarkable in that all of the components are made exactly to scale. Petronella ordered miniature porcelain objects from China and commissioned furniture makers and artists to decorate the interior."

RijksmuseumDolls' House

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