Monday, May 3, 2010

Jennifer Moses

Jennifer Moses, oil on panel

Jennifer Moses, A Line is a Straight Curve, oil on panel

Jennifer Moses is a great painter and teacher. She currently has a show at the Kingston Gallery in Boston, A Line is a Straight Curve. She is so mindful and intelligent with her work, and looking at it makes me want to paint, paint, paint. Writes Moses on her website:

"I have worked to integrate my responses to the history and narrative of biblical stories with my contemporary secular and modernist aesthetic, in an attempt to imbue abstract imagery with the same emotive weight of storytelling. The paintings are inspired by decorative details, color structure and particular parts of other paintings including hairstyles from the early Renaissance Italian paintings that have so inspired me and influenced my work.

As I rework my paintings I am attempting to transform these shapes and flourishes into symbolic images that evoke a range of emotional conditions and complex spaces. I build the paint into odd iconographic formations and architectural spaces that reference an internal world full of oppositions such as structured form and unraveling form, rawness and refinement, exposure and secrecy."

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