Monday, May 31, 2010

Thunder Lizards

Eureka! I have found my calling(s)! There is the (s) because my vocation is four-fold:

2.interior decorator
3.teacher diorama maker

If someone wants me to decorate their living room with a dinosaur tableau, then that would just be ideal. This week I went to the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum end enjoyed the various dioramas, such as one in which a T-Rex goes in for the kill. Here's a detail (sans T-Rex):

Speaking of ferocious animals, I was substitute teaching for a second grade class this week. Because I was teaching in Spanish, I realized that I have better Spanish vocabulary when it comes to paleontology than when it comes to reprimanding children.

We read a short nonfiction piece about dinosaurios. Then I had each student draw a specific type of dinosaur, dino-appropriate foliage, or the like. We put it all together as a glorious hallway poster:

you can tell that I made the volcano (I did go to art school... I mean, look at that fantastic lava flow)

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