Sunday, August 22, 2010

Christyl Boger

I was spray painting some wood with gold paint and accidentally got some on my figertips. It looked so pretty, like nail polish except more interesting and King Midas-like. It also reminded me of Christyl Boger's work in "Staged Stories," a wonderful show I saw at the Renwick Gallery last year. From DCist:

"Boger creates ceramic figurines that incorporate contemporary props such as inflatable swimming pool toys. The surface of the figures are white, creamy and smooth. A perfect texture for layering the decorative touches and flourishes that adorn each of her sculptures. They are gilded, stamped and embellished with flourishes and spots of color that are brushed on the tips of fingers, hair and the seams of the pool toys."

Her artist statement is really fascinating. Here are some images of her work -- gorgeous and strange, the marble-like ceramic sexily daubed with spotlets of gold.

Christyl Boger

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