Monday, August 2, 2010

moose and mergatron

Now, usually my blog posts are none too personal, but I feel compelled to present this shout out to my wonderful sisters. Mergatron is heading off to college in Washington State this fall, after a senior year spent thusly: working on organic farms in New Zealand, interning at an animal rights non-profit in DC, and winning an environmentalism scholarship from her high school. She is the sister on the right (of the drawing above, not on the political spectrum, duh). She is an amazing cook, and her vegan enchiladas and cupcakes are sublime. And her green thumb, behold:

Moosy is my wonderful sisterface. Not only did she just get a promotion at her job at a non-profit, but she is also doing her Masters degree in Special Education Support and Community Mental Health, AND she's a community health advocate. She can drop it like it's hot and do an uncanny imitation of Louie Armstrong. And btw, she drives a gold Lexus, lives in Pittsburgh, a.k.a. the Paris of Pennsylvania, and has fired a gun:

I am so proud of them! But mostly I just love them like whoa.

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