Monday, July 25, 2011

Anne Connell and Caren Canier

Caren Canier

Anne Connell, Branching Stone

"I am not a copyist. Though I have claimed the work of late-medieval masters as my primary subject matter, it is merely a point of departure for a working process that is as intuitive as it is intellectual. My paintings are indisputably modern. The attainment of beauty is always an objective; I believe that beauty, in and of itself, has consequence. My pictures are dense, allusive, cerebral, intimate; their small size demands a necessary physical proximity in order to read them. I want the viewer to be drawn in, to be compelled to linger. Each painting presents a sort of enigma, an obscure narrative, a collage-like recombination of images whose exegesis requires more than half a minute and more than one look."
-- Anne Connell

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