Sunday, January 8, 2012

"rare and original idiosyncracies"

A hand-shaped spot: I'm having a flashback to high school English class, to that one titular blemish on the woman's face in Hawthorne's "The Birth-Mark." There is vitality in imperfection.

From the poet Emily Carr:
"In an online interview, Carole Maso says, 'I am much more interested in producing a flawed, mortal document than something that is just a nod to a certain set of conventions. I also tend to favor writing that is an event in some way, & not just the record of an event; it creates a more vulnerable, fluid space, where the unforeseen, or the errant, or something a little wild is allowed to enter. […] My work is dictated by passion & deep emotion—all that is necessary is to surrender to the text without a care for what it is.'”

Carr continues, "I believe form is a matter of temperment, of what Jorie Graham calls 'rare and original idiosyncrasies.'"

from An Interview with Emily Carr, Poet

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