Friday, September 30, 2011

Help Us to Be Confident and Fabulous

My Tim Gunn Votive prototype -- instructions: print image (to be 8.5" wide), cut off extra paper, and tape or glue to a standard size Virgen de Guadelupe or similar glass votive candle. Will probably help you to "make it work" with persistence, hard work, and confidence. Will definitely be a fire hazard. Maybe next will be a yarzheit candle with someone's face emblazoned on it? Eh, that seems a bit in bad taste.

English Translation of the prayer: TIM GUNN, Our Counsellor and Wise Friend. Prayer of Tim Gunn, Guide, Counsellor, and Wise Friend. Oh, Tim Gunn, mentor, guide and wise friend; unblemished, honorable, prudent and full of pacience, I beseech you your aid in all of my artistic efforts, asking the protection of your heart for all of my friends and my works, watchover them for me and form style, honesty, and beauty in their hearts. Give us the joy of having confidence, integrity, and creative vision while contemplating the glory of Style and Grace, praising and blessing Elegance and Fabulousness with kind hearts for all eternity. Help us to live with humor, goodwill, kindness, and humanity, Amen.

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