Saturday, October 1, 2011

I'm a Fool for You

Venus Rising From the Sea: A Deception (After the Bath), by Raphaelle Peale

Love this painting; somehow it is trompe-l'oiel but even more (like double trompe l'oiel?), painting meta, playing with flatness/3D. American but to me at first looks Spanish, like Sanchez Cotan or Zurbaran or something holy, shroud of Turin-y... I love the play of the covering/hiding though I like the cloth itself so much that I don't really need Venus. I am trying to do my "take" with a painty bandana. Here is Catherine Kehoe's "On the Line." And I am also reposting Andrew Cranston's take since I like it so. And a sculptural piece by Maria Walker -- note the title is "Fool Me Once".

Andrew Cranston, After An American Painting

Maria Walker, Fool Me Once

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