Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Free Veggieburgers!

So, I thought I'd post something for you to print out -- obv. a color printer w/nice card stock is best! Copy/save and print whatever size you like. Use as you will, just be sure to credit moi (Becca Kallem). Drumroll, please... I bring you: THE HAMBURGER LETTER. You can write a letter on this burger to mail or hand deliver to your beloved. Just don't eat it. But I guess it has lotsa fiber. Anyway, if you'd rather, you can also buy a pre-printed hamburger letter from my etsy shop.

don't forget the lettuce and bottom-bun:


anke-art said...

Ha, that's a cool idea - and I can even send it to a vegetarian. Thanks a lot!

Pink Rufflez said...

Thank you! sooooo cute